Mint Modfather FHZ's. Want CLYW SPYY OD NORthstar

So first I have 1 purple dyed Fhz that is unresponsive and highwalled -dead unresponisive and mint. 50$ new so… all done by the modfather. id do 35 maybe but dont wanna sell just trade

Next 1 Translucent blue with clear caps mint Siliconed and Highwalled.-50$ new also done by modfather so id do 40 but not for sell just trade

Next a 1 0f 1 Translucent blue with green caps no Duncan markings on caps mint highwalled and reshaped FHZ the modfather did this and said this is 1 of 1 it was 75$ new .

i will do multiple yoyos for one of these.
OFFER want to trade 1 50$ fhz for one mint northstar also.