Mint C3 capsule 2 for trade

Hi guys,

I recently acquired a C3 capsule 2 in the blue acid wash color way. it is a beautiful yoyo and is in absolutely mint condition. I have thrown it three times over a carpet. While it is an amazing yoyo and stunning it is just not my kind of yoyo. I wish it was but its not.

Here is a link to the yoyoexpert page on the capsule 2 and you can see it is the 4th colorway down the blue with lighter blue acid wash.

If you need pics I can post them but it is absolutely mint and comes with the box it came in. Also I have more trade feedback in yoyonation under this same name dtsiakos and I have references if you need them.

I am looking to trade this yoyo for something interesting. I am open to offers but not looking for any plastics. if you want to buy it i’ll sell it for $90 shipped in the US and more for international. paypal only if you want to buy it.

list of wants:

C3 master galaxy
YYR butcher
C3 capless
C3 trident
others (feel free to offer)

please PM your trade offers and thanks for looking