Mini- Star BLOWOUT!


General Yo B+ Mini Star- Has a small ano flaw on the rim and has a little nick from my ring but very tiny. $50 shipped.
*Comes w/ a Buttered Thread.

YYF Primo- Mint w/ box. Great player. $PENDING

One Drop Dingo and Y- Factor- Both raw. Both play great. Surface scratches on both.
Dingo- $GONE
Y- Factor- $PENDING

YYF Checkered Z Stacks
YYF Die Nasty (Glow ONLY)
YYF Plastic Grind Machine


OMG!!! That’s awesome! :o


I forgot, I have some black “For the ladies” FHZ caps I can put on this thing. I’ll do that tomorrow and take a pic. There are no Mg caps in my possession, sorry.


2 sunsets for the Dingo?


No thanks.


are those one drops from the “modder fodder kit”?


Possibly but I got them in a trade


Dingo + Heavy Cream for only $100 shipped!


Added Peaks!

Really want paintball equipment


camo x-convict and 30 strings for the dingo?


No thanks.


I’m open to cash offers or cash + yoyo(s).


Even lower prices!

I’ll sell everything in this thread for $400 shipped!


i have a paintball vest that holds a buttload of stuff
ill trade with you


Does it have anything in it? What do you want? Pics?


Really wanting Hatricks (USA the most) but BA or any other colors are great too.

Also wanting paintball equipment.

I will trade multiples.


I’m open to trades not on my want list.


Ill make an awesome deal on these throws. Offer me


Just gotta say, the title to this thread is probably the most ingenious I’ve ever seen for a bst thread.


il buy the dingo can i get a pic