Mini Star B-Grades

Hi Guys,

I’m thinking of getting a B-grade ministar.
What makes these B-grades? I know some yoyos are B-grades because of asthetic (Did I spell that right?) flaws or vibe.

Also, if there is vibe, how bad is it? I don’t my first General-Yo being vibey, even if it is a B-grade.

B-Grades don’t vibe. I think in the Mini-Star B-Grade it means they haven’t quite finished the anno and maybe some other things. And I don’t know if they have paint flaws.

False. B-Grades can have both vibe and paint flaws. When I talked to Ernie at BLC, he said there was no real difference between his B-Grade and A-Grade MiniStars. So yeah, definately get a B-Grade if you can. I’ve played a few, and they play great. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I am going to get one. My Parents finally decided that they would get one for me!!! ;D
Now to make a General-Yo siggy on Paint.Net…lol…

You’ll really enjoy it. I love my MiniStar. Have you tried a General-Yo before?

No, I’ve always wanted to, though :slight_smile:

where are you gonna get urs? i love my ministar, it has better sleep times than my hatrick…

Ebay. (MIB)

Every General-Yo is amazing. I mean they are REALLY good. Hope you enjoy yours and tell us how it is!

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll probably write a review when I get mine. :wink:


Either one will do…

I made my own that I like much better. Will attatch the siggy in a minute, it’s saved on my laptop.

EDIT: Picture attatched. 100% PDN. It was a pain in the backside to make without any pre-saved patterns but I eventualy got it done. Still needs some editing though.