Minecraft Commentary/Let's Play. :) Ep. 7: I'm Back, Everyone.

Well not sure if anyone here is interested in a Minecraft LP but I figured I would post mine here so more people see it.

I release 1 Episode every day. I am catching up to how many videos I recorded before 1.3, then I will start uploading the day they are recorded.

Latest Episode(7):

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Ep. 7:

Would really appreciate it if you Liked and Shared this. :slight_smile: It’s a big help.

nice lp keep it up


Episode 2:


Episode 3!


I get a lot of Woodcutting and Mining done and I run into some helpful treasures.

These are awesome your a great commentator in your video you should tell us what your main goal is are you trying to get to the end or are you trying to get a certain item or are you going to have multiple goal throughout the lp btw i subbed

Thanks! Well, my main goal is just to have a respectable SSP world. I want to eventually beat the Ender Dragon, but even after that I want to keep improving the world. Kinda like ethoslab, Etho is my inspiration, but I’m trying hard not to copy anything of his. (Or if I do, I will give him credit. :slight_smile: ) As of now I am working in the Nether.

Just a quick update. I have 6 episodes so far. I’m currently uploading the 7th as I type.



Episode 7. :slight_smile: I’ve been very busy for the past week, so sorry for the lack of videos.