Mile High Yoyo Club May Meet Saturday 5/14/22

Join us out in front of our normal monthly spot at PlayForge Games in downtown Littleton this coming Saturday May 14 to throw!

This weekend is the beginning of “Second Saturdays” in downtown Littleton where they close the entire street down for sidewalk sales, street dining, entertainment and more. This means we get the entire street in front of PlayForge for play, not just the sidewalk! There will also certainly be people taking advantage of some grass and shade a block down at Bega Park.

Come celebrate the start of peak yoyo club season! The weather will be beautiful, lots of kids who want to learn end up stopping by, and it’s a really fun and positive interaction with the general public.

Hope to see you there!

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tag people i missed!


weather calls for 80 degrees tomorrow - the grass and shade at Bega Park will definitely draw most people to that location! Hope to see a bunch of you out there!


It’s a beautiful day for Yoyo in the Mile High sunshine!