Mighty Flea


I was just wondering if the Mighty Flea was going to be restocked.

Is this a limited edition model or will we be seeing this again soon?


This needs to be moved. JM? Will you do the honors?

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Why does it need to be removed? I see nothing wrong with it. I’m also exhausted, so you tell me.


He said moved. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless you meant to say moved instead of removed. Or, you actually did mean removed, in which case I would be wrong…

Erm… what happened again?

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What happened was I read it wrong. I’m an idiot.

Edit: Actually, since it’s not going to be restocked his best chance to find it is the BST anyway.


There ya go.


I only suggested it be moved because he’s asking a non B/S/T related question in the B/S/T section.
This should be moved to the General Dissecusion or some section like that. :slight_smile:

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