MIB Grey Yeti


I have a mint in box grey yeti that I got today from chris because I sent mine back in to be fixed 3 months ago and he has been very busy so he sent me an extra one! They are both grey so I want to trade one for either a khaki yeti or a black yeti. It has to have a box and no vibe. I also would trade for any metal CLYW or most metal one drops. I’ve only opened the box to see it was grey. Other than that it has never been opened. It will come with an extra set of spacers. On my Instagram I have a picture of the 2 yeti boxes and I have pics of my other grey one so you can see what it looks like http://instagram.com/jowbdin


I’ve got a nickel dietz I wouldn’t trade one for one tho


I would like to buy it from you

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