Messing about on national yoyo day!


hope it was sort of enoyable!

(K.O.P.O.) #2

good vid but i thought the opening line was way to long oh and is this one of the bleach openings or endings?


idk what opening it was but i like ska a bit so i used it

(K.O.P.O.) #4

ok :smiley:

(Q) #5

Another good video Matt.

But can I say one thing?
Edit my man, that would take this god video, to a great video!


what exactly would you like edited?

i did cuts on the clips and tried my best to cut out the audio from when i shot it

(Q) #7

Well I hate seeing things in one spot, I like scenery. Go outside? lol
That’s all I can say I’d like to see more of.


ah sorry dudde i was sick so i didnt venture too far from my bed soooo sorry! maybe next time

(Q) #9

Oh, my bad man.
Don’t worry about my comments in that case.


no worries it can’t be helped