Merge 2 sections together!

For the yoyo exhibition, there’s almost no difference between the two sections. I really cannot tell. If I had to guess, the artwork section is for art only… but that doesn’t make sense… if it’s for pictures… then where would the other section go???

Can we just please fuse the two sections together, OR define clearer differences?


I agree. It’s a bit murky.

Who says pictures are the only thing called art? Maybe we can figure out something.

Right… which is why it’s confusing… if art is extended to include things such as pictures… then what would go under display? Random pictures? ???

pics of yoyo’s shouldn’t go in the art area. Art from yoyoers should.

Right, but I’m suggesting that we redefine the rules on what goes where, because if you look there right now, a lot of pictures are in the artwork section…

So something like: “Only yoyo art goes in the artwork section, things like computer drawn images, sculptures, or hand drawn images. If you want to show off your pictures, please put them in the exhibition.” But said better.

Ah gotcha