mercury bearings?

anybody tried these? if so, how much better/worse is the performance compared to other bearings?

Mercury if handled is extremely toxic and can drive you insane why would you ever want to try this?

its a brand of bearings…


it is necessary, trust me.

Oh i totally knew that :wink:

They are cheap bearings that have been cleaned extremely well. They are cleaned with an industrial (highly regulated) process that basically sucks all of the oils out of the metal. They are ultra-clean.

When we clean our bearings with things like acetone, mineral spirits, etc. there is a residue left behind… they are never truly ‘clean’. This residue is actually part of the reason we eventually have to clean them again… it starts to break down and attracts particles which then stick.

The process used for the ‘mercury’ bearings uses very strong chemicals that leave no residue behind… they are the closest you will get to bare metal. This means that in theory, they spin more freely than other bearings, and won’t get dirty as quickly as those packed with oils/greases/etc.

However, the nature of bearings is to eventually get dirty… especially when you surround them with things like response pads, dirty string, etc. You will eventually have to clean the bearing yourself, at which time it will be absolutely no different than any other bearing you can buy. My problem with mercury bearings is that while they will perform well initially, when they eventually revert back to ‘normal’ bearings, they aren’t particularly high quality… so some will be good, some won’t, some will seize up due to the wear and tear of not having any protective oils… you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get.

Also, if you see those “gold” bearings… re-read this entire post and substitute ‘gold bearing’ for ‘mercury’… same exact thing, just with a pretty coating to help prolong the bearing life.


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Mercury is liquid at room temperature. not sure how that would work out…

I’ve never tried one. I don’t buy specialty bearings.

As mentioned already in this thread, ‘mercury bearing’ is simply the BRAND of the bearing… it’s a name, not a literal description. It was used because they are copies of the idea behind the ‘gold bearing’ that was popular at the time… but they were silver colored, not gold… so they were called mercury bearins.


yeah i tried the gold. very good for a while but then died haha. thanks for the info though.

I was under the impression that the gold layer does some pretty gross stuff as it wears down, killing the bearing fairly quickly. I’ve always avoided them.