Maybe in the wrong section but a cool story about a sticker from here.

If this is in the wrong section I will move it wherever I need to.

5 years ago (september 2011 to be precise) I got my first YoyoExpert sticker in the mail with one of my orders. I quickly went on to put the sticker in the left bottom corner of my cars (97 accord) rear window. I quickly fell out of the hobby for some reason but left the sticker there. In January of 2013 my car was stolen. I called the police they obviously weren’t going to search for it so I did, for 5 months. I eventually came to the conclusion it was gone and will never be found again. Then one day I was driving and thought I found it but it wasn’t it. That got me thinking about what identifies the car as mine. I could remember all the dents and dings but not the big red sticker. Then it hit me. So I made a new post on facebook and posted a photo of a spare sticker with it. That night I got a call from my buddy. He found my car. The car was actually about 75 feet from his front door at his apartment complex. Thats a little suspicious I know but we found it all thanks to that “big red X.”

I no longer have the car I sold it back in February of this year, but the sticker was still there.

Wow, that’s really cool!