January 2015 - Stick It. Click It. Send it. Win!

Post your entries for January 2015 in this thread!

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YYE Sticker on my school bag (or the “Highlighter Bag” as people call it) ~Along with my YYF Horizon Case :slight_smile:

Stuck this thing on my wall only to figure out later that it’s realy, really, REALLY hard to get it off. My mom wasn’t too happy about that :smiley:

Too bad I dropped them after! :stuck_out_tongue:

went snowboarding today. wish there was more snow at my favorite spot. http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y63/LazercowboY/E62CCB0B-A571-47CE-BE04-A04A7EC26D35.jpg

My pride and joy. Now when I cruse around town they’ll know I’m an expert. :stuck_out_tongue:
(2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392)

Marking my territory :smiley:

Good luck from Maneki-Neko to win!!! ;D

COOL! I get to get me one of those cars. I didn’t know they could drive upside down?

New throw for a novice thrower

nah it just uploaded funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Shot as is in RAW. Used Photoshop ONLY TO CONVERT TO JPEG. Photograph is non-manipulated and is NOT edited in Photoshop to look better in any way.

cjreeves5 uploaded this image to

this is my entry for the stick it click it send it and win for January. Click on the link to see the picture.

Oh good, I’m glad you got your picture up.

Winners being announced soon - Thanks!

  • André

The winner has been chosen for January!!!

The YoYoExpert staff’s pick for January was thebest_ofdanny. Remember to stay in school, kids!

We are contacting you with your gift certificate code via Instagram Direct Message.

Congratulations and thanks to all who submitted a picture. Keep sharing pictures in the next month thread for your chance to win! #yoyoexpertstickit #yoyoexpert