Matt Mullins Yo-yos!

I got a surprise in the mail today and let me tell you… it hit me in the feels.

Dave Adams and I have talked yo-yos over the internet for longer than I’m willing to admit before we met in person this year at the US national tournament.

Dave is simply one of the good guys in our community, simply pumping anything he’s connected in with love until it’s bursting at the seams. The first example that comes to mind is Dave organizes one of if not the largest Yo-yo clubs in the US the Mile High Yo-yo Club. Dave is the heart and spirit of that club and the love his club members feel for him is contagious. And the second thing that comes to mind is this picture right here. The third version if you will of his highly successful project “The Gnome”. The Gnome is a perfectly organic Yo-yo with a twist, that twist being a “D” size bearing. Everyone who knows Dave knows that he is never short of creativity, but the direction he took with these Yo-yos is simply mindblowing for a passion project of his size.

Every Yo-yoer who’s been around over ten years, you are seeing correctly, that Mr. Dave is going to be releasing a certain number of NICKEL-plated Gnomes. Thats right. NICKEL. Nostalgia is running through my veins thinking about how great Nickel has treated me in my Yo-yoing journey and how much fun I’ve always enjoyed how they feel and perform, but also how they age with perfection.

For the time being, Dave is only selling these privately, but let me tell you, it plays wonderfully. And it’s everything you have grown to love and expect from your gnome, except packing an extra 1.4 grams of sex appeal. Please DM to secure one of these. Sooner than later.

All of these beauties were plated at Denver Metal Finishing and are assembled and tested by Dave himself.

Thanks again, Dave. Your friendship means the world to me and congratulations brother, we know that making a Yo-yo in our community means your legacy will never die and will live on longer than we ever will. You deserve all of this brother.

Mile High Yo-Yo Club (Denver Area)


Happy Tuesday! :heart::heart::heart::fire::fire::fire:

Yo-yo used: Werrd Split Decision.


My limited knowledge of Australia follows Steve Irwin, Bluey, and GREAT Yo-yos.

If you know a Yo-yoer or anyone who carries any skill toys in their pocket, we are similar in a couple of ways, the most significant being we are very sentimental creatures when it comes to our Yo-yos. Throughout my Yo-yoing journey, which has accidentally turned into a lifetime pursuit, Werrd Yo-yos have intertwined with mine since the beginning. No matter where I went, I quickly learned how wonderful these Yo-yos are from the great country of Australia. My first trip to ever meet any Yo-yoer was to sleep on Brandon Jackson’s floor in Nashville, where I was fortunate to meet Mr. Mark Allen and Randy Jenson. (The same weekend:O) I will never forget how quickly I drove home to try to illustrate to my little brother how good these players were in Nashville. Haha. That’s one instance of being lucky enough to be exposed to these Yo-yos, and I’m assuming it was a constant disappointment for these Yo-yos to be wrangled by someone of my skill level. But everywhere I went, I met the most amazing group of people who have become lifetime friends, who just so happen to be multiple national and world champions of the craft. Curfman, Tranton, Allen, Ky, Skip, Gee and I know I’m forgetting a ton as I am 100 years old.

A few months ago, Werrd decided that vacation was over, and it was time to return to doing what was right, making these wonderful products. Sadly, your boy couldn’t fly to Japan to purchase these, so fast forward to now, OH BABY.

We are throwing Australia’s best today; I hope you get the chance to do the same at some point. Check these beauties out.

Oh, if you want to check out the wonderful video that Bojack put together of the team meet that I was fortunate enough to attend in 2009, it’s right here. Your boy is in it, and I was terrible, so I hope you enjoy it. Also, to any older players who recognize that first man’s voice, that’s Abner Jones. Haha! I miss that old man with all my heart; I think I’ll text him today :slight_smile: Also: Note Mark just shredding in 2009 HAHA


Doomsday and Sentinel (Marks Signature) :heart:

Shoutout to my first yoyo friend ever too. Lifelong brother Bo Jack. You’ve influenced me in every turn I’ve ever had in Yo-yoing. Thankful for you.


Congrats to George Chastain for winning the 1000 subscriber giveaway! We gonna do this again at 2000 subs! Thank you again to everyone! Mucho love to everyone!


Congrats George!

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Less than 3000 views before I hit 200,000 views on Tik Tok. What does that mean? Nothing. But please go watch my videos.

I am sitting at 1,420 subs on Youtube, I am going to give another Yo-yo away at 2k…

If you enjoy any of my content, I hope you consider following along in my little journey, where is the road leading us? No where quick, but I am super thankful for the support, criticism and even the hateful comments. All of it fuels me to be better.

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Good Morning you sexy animals. Hope life is treating you well. Things are fast here. Two kids and my wife can sometimes be all a guy can handle.

Anyways this music really inspired me to do something on camera this morning. I hope you enjoy.


Happy Sunday. Mucho love


Mucho love


I’m thankful my family, friends, coworkers and YOU.

It’s been a fantastic year and I am thankful to be alive.

Enjoy that miss in the beginning :joy::joy::joy:

Happy Thanksgiving!


Just wanted to stop and tell everyone Happy Thanksgiving!

Super thankful for all of you.


Love all of you :heart::heart::fire::fire::fire: