Matching Ricestacks / Counterweight Combos!


Since I received the counterweights I have been selling on my BST, I started looking for smaller dice to match them that I could turn into Ricestacks. I have found 7 that match perfectly. Here are some pics:

“Speckled Earth” on Augie 888

“Speckled Fire” on California

“Speckled Cobalt” on Yuuki Quake 888

'Speckled Water" on Stealth 888

“Speckled Hurricane” on BAC 888

“Speckled Space” on red 888

“Speckled Recon” on PGM.5

(DOGS) #2

this makes me want to buy ricestacks even more!


dude those are sick… I’m going to have to get some of those soon…


Dude, those r some beast counterweights! where could i get some? ;D


Modded Fluchs / RoK / DV8ish mod / Dice CWs & Ricestacks


Very nice dude.


Thanks guys!

Yep, I am selling these for $9 for a full set shipped in the USA.