LF: Custom counterweights or white Takeshi dice


As the title says I’m looking for a solid white Takeshi Dice, or other rare/custom counterweights such as those released by YYF, made by the Terrapin X guy, or made by Jake Elliott (i.e., especially custom bearing dice or delrin counterweights), or other ones i’ve never heard of that play well.

If you have anything that falls into this category, please let me know, along with the price you’re willing to part with said items. I would prefer to do straight cash on this, paypal or money order. I don’t think counterweights are worth enough to warrant trading any of my yoyos, except mayyybe my C3 movitation (it has some surface damage) but that would have to be for a really good CW or multiple CWs.

I do have a LOT of high end and obscure bearings. I would be willing to trade some of these. If you prefer a bearing trade let me know and I can give you a list.

If you do request a trade I’ll post pics of whatever items.

Otherwise though I’d prefer to just pay money.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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