Master of Slack

I see this title thrown around in YouTube comments all the time. My question is, who do you think is the Master of Slack? For me, I think it’s Whip from Duncan. You?

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Mikhail Tulabut

look up kyle derry from string lab string … his new video is sick

guy wright and the guy in the ir pad vid

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You aint seen nothing till youve seen Janos Karancz

Yep. Slack Master.

I know. He’s definitely up in my favorite yoyoers, but I think Whip just kind of edged him out ever so slightly for me.

Whoever this guy is

Having spoken word instead of the music was epic. The tricks, well they ascended alright.

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Head … blown!!!

Zach Gormley, Emperor of slack.

ulmerisanerd comment in 3…2…1…

I was actually going to mention you, but you already posted…

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No love for JD? This is the guy who pretty much invented slack over 10 years ago.

Johnnie Delvalle

Aww, Man! That woulda been waaay cooler if someone else mentioned me! I just had to open my big, fat mouth, didn’t I?