Mark Montgomery

Two things on this post.

  1. I wonder why no one talks alot about this guy. He is good, fast and has good stage presence.

  2. Does anyone know what song he is using here, the remix is freakin sweet, and I would like to get my hands on that version .

First thing first why do people always spell his name wrong? It is Mark Montgomary. Also he is like the chopsticks master!!

Actually, Mark Montgomery is talked about very often. It actually is spelled Montgomery. Hes a very cool guy, and pretty much everyone likes him. Also, he isnt the chopsticks master - Thats Paul Dang. Mark’s the chopsticks GOD. Get your facts straight! :wink:

Okay Samad, but just so we’re on the same page everyone here thinks he is pretty good at chopsticks also he is pretty good at beatboxing too.

Rofl, no fighting, and oh well about the spelling. But I really don’t hear much about him. Also, one of the main reasons for the post is to try and figure out the song he’s using, it’s kick arse!

he is very underestimated!

I GOT THE SONG! Are you sleeping or something! This is the original- It’s a nursery song

Originally it’s a french song i think. Frere Jaques or something like that. Also how you found that that video Evan.

Yeah lol, I know what song it’s based off of. I took french in high school. But I want to find the remix. It just sounds killer.

dude i was there. yea mark is an awesome dude. really cool guy. and his chopsticks? well you saw the video. nothing needs to be said :slight_smile:

Listen at the beggining-- A guy is screaming “ARE YOU SLEEPING”

Woot, I found the song. Posted same thread on OneDrops forums, and someone found it using the I Phone app. FORUMS ROCK!!!

Mark is amazing. People should talk more about Mark. I know alot of people do already but he should be more popular.