Marco, quantum, diplomat, 2014 O, dogma, stealth, core, loop 720s


all of these are mint. all come with a box. all were rarely played, i don’t think i even wore out one string on them before i put them on the shelf, just not my style. the loop 720s have never been opened.

I got the One Drop O in a trade and it showed up with a Terrarian box, so that is the only box i have for it.

if interested just make me an offer that you think is reasonable. i mostly just want to get these into the hands of someone who wants them and will play with them.

YYF Marco
Topyo Quantum
Recess Diplomat
One Drop 2014 Benchmark O (comes with incorrect box)
YYF Dogma
Magic Yoyo Stealth
Zeekio Core
YYF Loop 720 pair (translucent red with black centers)

i only have a few things i’m looking for. i’m not really looking for trades.

YYJ Jamboo
YYF ko’olau Edge (mono metal - colors other than pink/red)
anything Square Wheels might interest me