Making room - G2, YYR, YYF, SF

Hi all - having to make room in my cases so letting these go. All but the GBP have been played but none have damage and all are smooth.

Prices are shipped CONUS and feel free to offer trades (G2 hawk/Triton/wolf, all turning point, and any mfd)

StartIng from top left and going counter clockwise:

G2 Mongoose proto v1 - 110

G2 GBP Freda colorway - SOLD

YYR Rami - sold

Sf Sf - SOLD

YYF peregrine - 85

Any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out!



Hi i am interested in buying the sf sf!
It is mint Right? I am from germany

Hello! Thanks for your interest in the sf! There is someone ahead of you but if they pass I will let you know.


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