Making and whut look cooler

(Zer0) #1

so i just learned and whut and its my first master trick and ive found ways to make it look cooler.

      First of all after doing the Houdini mount purposely land it on the strin farthes from you and pop it off and then do what you would normally do for and whut. Once you get to the part where you're in the middle of a buddhas revenge pop it into a one an a half mount pop it back to were it was and continue with the trick. (you can also just do a quick buddhas revenge before you pop it off)

       Not realy too noticeable but those who enjoy the small things will have fun.

(D@§h!zn!t) #2

Good advise man! ;D


How about a video

(Zer0) #4

Oh sorry i have no cam


If you make it smooth it looks pretty cool as it is.

(Zer0) #6