Making a fixed axle FH Zero

So I got a ratty old FHZ in a trade a while back. Decided last night that I wanted to make it fixed axle, so I turned a nice walnut axle for it.

I have it all set up and it’s pretty sweet, surprisingly, but it’s still too unresponsive. The response looks like it is flowable silicon - definitely silicon though, and it’s recessed a bit.

So. What would be a good option for response to make this more responsive? You guys who play responsive on a FHZ, what are you using?

You just have to make the gap smaller I think; to do that you would use a shorter axle and then cut down the wall nut axle, that would do the trick.

Well, I already have significantly shortened the axle… The gap is only .1" which is what most fixed axle woodies are set at. I also have a fatter than normal string. If I go any narrower I won’t be able to pull off much in the way of tricks.

I definitely need to come up with a stickier response.

Replace the response, should help a bit.

I can do that. What should I replace it with? The current response is really good when I have the bearing and a poly string in it to play unresponsive. Binds like a champ. Seems like just replacing a good response with a new response isn’t really getting to the heart of the issue. I’m thinking I need a different type of response?

Does the wood axle spin or is it held in place fairly firm by the shells? Just wondering if you inadvertently created a trans-axle.

Yeah, do what Logi does and use rubber o-rings along the outside of the axle to keep it fixed.

Not a transaxle for sure. It’s really tight in the yoyo body…

Is there a groove in the axle? If so, make sure it isn’t too wide.

Yeah, it’s .125 (1/8") Its the narrowest chisel I have. I have the same axle/groove on my wooden home made throws and they all perform well. of course they also have a single Duncan response pad on them. The problem with the FHZ is that the current response is recessed, so I can’t just put a response pad on the FHZ. I need to come up with another response solution I guess.

Unresponsive or slippy? these are two different things that many people seem to miss.
Unresponsive -> string not rolling or don’t roll enough when you tug it up.
Slippy -> string rolls when tug up, but it doesn’t grab/lose grip.
If it’s unresponsive, try using different string, different wood, make the groove on the wood bigger (diameter).
If it’s slippy, it’s the response pad.