Make better trick circles

(G2 Jake) #1


Awesome pro tips :grinning:. I’ve always noticed how the lighting affects photo/video quality and visibility and I have the same problem with the overhead light and due to the way my room is arranged there’s not really a good spot to set my phone or even a small stand where the overhead doesn’t end up being a pain.

I don’t really make video to put up, and I’m not that great, but I like to record certain things I’m practicing and play back just to see how it looks. So with that in mind I’m not trying to invest much, I was thinking of getting one of those cheap clip style desk lamps and clipping it to a nearby bookshelf, I’m curious what type of standard screw in bulb would be good for that. I think I have an idea but if you or anyone had any thoughts on what spectrum (daylight, soft white ect.) and brightness (lumens) I’d appreciate any input on the subject.


(G2 Jake) #3

Get the brightest you can. I like a white like but it’s preference. Two would be ideal for that if possible.

This is a good option for bright.