Major price cut june 06 2021! WTT/WTS - Small case and yoyos: G2, OneDrop, Brokenyoyos, CLYW, Yoyopalace, HSpin

Right. I just took it apart and compared it to my other two Lifes, and i can not see any difference. I don`t have any information from previous owner about this particular Life either. This leaves me in the dark, because i have no clue about from which run my other Lifes are. What i can tell for sure, it is one of them is in Caribean Sea color scheme (glitch), so please figure it out yourself.

There weren’t many life’s of the second generation. It was a pretty recent change and only one or two runs from G2 have had it so far. Berries and Cream would definitely be a first generation life :slightly_smiling_face: