Magic V3 responsive seems very unresponsive change pads?


Got a Magic V3 yesterday, it’s got the slim bearing and responsive out of the package but the more I throw it the more it’s requiring a bind to return. I’m curious if replacing the pads for some CBC green like YYF uses or Whites might fix the issue. Not sure if the Green would stick out too far and make it too responsive.


So how do you want it fixed - more or less responsive?

To make it more responsive, lube the bearing. For less, just leave it be


More responsive, so thick lube changes play that much? Will super lube suffice or is it better to get thick lube? Only ask because I know I have a precision super lube in one of my part boxes.


Yeah, the lube on the bearing just thinned out. Thick lube will get it back to responsive.

3 in 1 oil works as pretty good thick lube if you have that. Basically any lube that is clear and comes out rather thick will work well.


Thank you both for the help, I’ll try the oil out see how that goes :slight_smile:


Super lube works just fine. In fact it is what yomega sells under their own brand as brain lube. Just relabelled.

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