Hey you guys this is my first post i know many of you well…maybe not many but some of you guys need help making combos and thing like that ive had some trouble my self and at that point i realy felt like quiting but i didnt so im gona make some trick Tutorials for you who need help my first tutorial i didnt like to well but ill get started on some as soon as possible im doing this for the ones who need help there will be some good tutorials for some made up tricks i made my self some are easy some are intermidiate some hard ill mark it down on the title in whatever it falls under i wont be doning easy then intermidate then hard ill do random order. kk heres my

So Go to YOUTUBE and Type in EXTREMEYOER are just click here if it show up


I hope i can help im gona make the tutorials as god as possible its your guys choice voice or instuctional words reply to this on deciding Ill try getting first one up by March, 15 or 16


voice is better not hard to enderstand

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Please, don’t post two different posts that are exactly the same. Andre, could you please merge the two? They are exactly the same. Abe, if you don’t like the name of your post, just change it instead of putting two posts.

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Oh. This should be in trick help. Like the first one is.


Why are there two posts? Samad is confused!

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I know Samad. I tried stating that. I was confused as well.


sorry i accidently put it in the wrong place so i re did it

it wont happen again sorry


Just so you know, you can delete your own posts.


Yeah. Also if you check my “My Contribution” Thread, you will see I am basically doing the same thing. I will update it this weekend.


yah i guess i could but im thinking of leaving both i wont do it again tho


all though is not your trick can u do a magic drop tutorial

Thank you