macro photos of your throws!!


I think we should start a macro picture thread of everyones throws. A macro picture is where the background of the picture is blurry and your object in the foreground is clear. Most cameras have a macro setting. Ill post mine soon.


Sounds like a good way to learn new stuff with my existing camera and my photo box.


Oh definetly. youll get some awesome looking photos and its fun to.


Here we go, for starters I took these today.

tell me what you guys think.


Figured I would get a little YYE action in the picture!!!


Great photos. I love that colorway.


Thanks man!


Here’s some of mine:

Everything else in my polishing thread is taken in Macro.


I love my macro photos! This one is probably my favourite:


(WildCat23) #10


Those are some awesome pictures guys!!!


Picture’s like 2 years old but I still enjoy it. :slight_smile:


About the shallowest depth of field I could get while keeping the whole yoyo in view. :wink:


Here are some I just took today. Hope everyone likes em!



Think I got it fixed for you bro. C=


Haha thanks! I’m not so savvy with all the forum posting yet. Just started actually posting on here a little bit ago. Spent most of my time looking through the forums and reading so i decided it was about time to get a little active on here =P


This is a beautiful. I’m seriously going to save this to my computer to keep as my desktop background during the upcoming holiday season. If you don’t mind that is! :wink:


No problem, Flickr is pretty weird. Enjoy the forums. :smiley:

Not at all! It’s there to be enjoyed, glad you like it.


I posted this awhile back.