MA States 2012 Contest Video

1080p HD available!


Wow. I have high praise for this video. One of the best Compilation vids I’ve ever seen. And Ma States was soooo much fun this year. And I will see you at NER!

P.S. Watch to the end!

Such a good video!

I hope I can come to NER!

Bump for an epic video!

Lol where is NER?

Northampton baby!!!


It is!

Lol…another flight for me

That stinks. but it’s worth it, right?

Totally worth it. Ill be making a NER video too, Come bother me!! ::slight_smile:

This is awkward but…

What do you look like?

Yay! I get to bother Jeff!!!


wait, were you the guy with the huge camera that you lugged around?

Here’s his FS:

Awesome video! Did I see Andre at 2:20? :o

It is actually not at the same place. NER is at a school.

Yeah this is my FS. I was wearing a Northern Spin Co shirt with a big camera, yes! You won’t miss me Haha. You’ll know Im shooting a video or something. Just come bother me and if you can do a trick cleanly you’ll likely be in the video!!

nice freestyle!