MA States 2010


News? Info? Dates?


It’s gonna take place in Springfield, MA. There’s no set date yet as far as I know, but it’s expected to be around late February.

I might be going.

(stephen_cameron) #3

I will probably going to go for intermediate age group >16


ill be doing junior FS


i was wondering i might be going but anm i good enough to win? im 12 yrs old and have a lunatic,speed dial,speed beetle, and dm and im on the advanced 1 and 2 section…


Andre said it might be in Marlsborough

(stephen_cameron) #7

He changed the site:
it now says “feb 20th” more info coming soon


The stage we got is THE best stage in the usa for a yoyo contest!

(stephen_cameron) #9

yeah!! great place for my first contest!
In the sports ladder, will i need to know some looping?


I just found out its in belchertown. I need clarification!


I’ll be there for sure!


I’ll be there representing RI


I live in boston Hyde park, I hope its somewhere near me! Do you get a prize for winning beginner divison?


In the past it has been in very western Mass. Probably over an hour from Boston.




Rhode Island.

(Jesse) #17

Good, it’s a Saturday. I’ll have a more likely chance to be able to go, if I can get my homework done in advance…I could also try to do it on the car ride. (I’m in Delaware, so I’ll have plenty of time.


Nice, I can make it!

(stephen_cameron) #19
Update! looks like it is making progress…
Does anyone else only see "Welcome to the official site for the 2010 MA state yo-yo contest? and two gray verticle bars?