M1 32$ shipped!!!!!

(G2 Jake) #1

Want paypal, or possible trades. If paypal please add 4 % to cover fees or send payment as gift.
Mostly want $ and CLYW

Looking for a peak. dings, Fools gold is ok. Will buy if you don’t want a trade.
Keep in mint the prices are low for sale not trade. I dont want your plastic for my m1

Full ZB BVM - MINT - pending

One drop Y factor MINT pending


Pink M1 some light marks could not be picked up in photo - 33$ Shipped



You can send money as a gift to avoid paypal fees. It’s also against their EULA to charge for “covering” the paypal fee. I’m not trying to be an A hole just letting you know for your own good as well as anyone else who doesn’t.


mini star for two starlites???


looks like the confetti brett painted?

(G2 Jake) #10

This is the original Brett painted


the purple throw is not a rec rev sharp, js

(G2 Jake) #15

The purple one is a purple heart mini star, I don’t have a pic on the rec rev right now. Its black and mint in box. Looks just like the ones on the site for sale.

(system) #24