It’s a green and gold M1, original bearing, original silicone in it. I meant it to be a present to my brother… but sadly, he fell off the yoyoing wagon.

They’re not dings, just silvery, bit rough patches that got there somehow. And they’re only on the gold side. Around 6 of them. Does not effect play one bit at all.

Also, a hayabusa. Hopefully for a starlight? But it’s been painted, I think by LazyThrower (Sorry, wasn’t right) :stuck_out_tongue:

Novelty Throws
-Mighty Flea (add $20)*
-Glow in the Dark
Pistolero (Engraving must, hopefully holes)*
Graphics Card

Depending On Looks:
3yo3 Acrylics

*=Near-Insta Trade, depending on color/condition.

Also, feel free to make me a non-novelty offer… I’m not that likely to accept… but there’s always a chance.

If you want more pics, post here. Offers, post here please.


Kerhump… sorry… too many words?


BUMP, got some pics!


Changed a bit. 888/skyline anyone?

AND rlly hoping for a mighty flea.


Sorry, it’s a flow groove m1.


Now accepting cash of sorts!

(system) #9