Anyone know if or hear anything about the Las Vegas Open this year? It’s my first year starting to compete and I was wondering what contest are gonna be near me.

Might be easier if we have a general location :wink:
Las Vegas open has a sport freestyle division, which is the beginner(Relative to the level of play the pro division will have) freestyle. You have 60 seconds, and you are judged by a simplified criteria. I have done the sport freestyle division twice, and I had a learning experience the first time, getting 5 place out of ten with my basic combos. How you’ll do depends on how many compete, but however large or small the field is, you will have a great time!

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Sweet!! This is good to know I’m from Reno Nv which is why I asked about the LVO, but I am trying to catch to some Cali competitions as well. If I could I would go to every comp but that’s a lot of money.