Luftverk Evora $175


Price as listed below, more info on any damage and more pics available upon request. Price as shipped in US, add $5 to Canada, add $10 to international. Not interested in trades right now.
(some pics wouldn’t upload, but all yoyos are visible, will get more pics to you on request)

Luftverk Fulvia ultra matte, very near mint, $350 $330 $300 $275 $225 GONE

Luftverk Evora, rims sanded to remove scuffs from keys, still smooth never sparked, no box unfortunately $275 $250 $225 $200 $175

2sick Tempo, mint, $80 GONE

Core Co Standard, doggo marks, still very smooth, $60 GONE

Duncan Haymaker, sanded raw, vibey, $40 $30

Big Dipper, mint with very slight typical plastic vibe, $25 $20

Yeti, doggo marks, still incredibly smooth specimen that doesn’t eat strings $35 $30 GONE

Executive, 2 dings, sanded except cups, slight vibe, $40 GONE

Buy the Evora, get the others for free!(Doesn’t drop the price on the Evora if you don’t want the other two)

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plz buy my yoyos, I want them to be enjoyed by you instead of sitting on my shelf!


bump. c’mon, two Luftverk throws for $475???


bump. please buy.


bump. Really could use some cash, so take both Luftverks for $400. That’s a steal.


bump. buy both luftverks, get the rest free.


bump. need some fast cash

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