lubing bearings for off string

(Ryan) #1

should we put thin lube on the bearing of the yoyo for off string


here is what off string god john narum told me
"well, it all depends my friend. If u are looking to do a lot of open string regenerations and whip catches, then i would normally use a normal sized string (thats what i also sue right now.) but if you are more of a technical 4a player, then a longer sttring would probably also would work better. It all requires a little bit of experimentation, to find your own personal preference.

But as far as lube goes, it also again depends on the types of tricks are aiming towards when doing 4a. If you are an open style player, doing whip catches and regens, then i would only apply small amounts of thick lube if u feel that your aquarius is not getting the right tug. And if u feel that it is getting too much tug, then u may want to use the Thin lube. Thin lube also can come in handy if u are an aggressive technical offstring player, for u have more spinning time with your yo-yo."


This is very true. I prefer to use thin lube on my Aquarius.