LTTF: De Capo

Looking to trade multiples from my lot for a De Capo

Some random notes: no boxes, assorted bearings in them, and some have vibe.

Most don’t have noticable damage except the freehand Al has scratches and dings. The Hicoo Kahn has ano discoloration in one of the cups.

Yoyos included:
YYF Sugar $20
YYF 5a shutter $20 (pending)
YYF Genxs$10
FH1AL $12
Hicoo Kahn $50



How does the Shutter 5a throw?

Like a regular shutter but heavier. Plays a little slower and you feel more control. Also a lot easier for fingerspins if you’re into that. Some fingernail vibe as well but it’s not bad. @brockdvs


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