LTB Danny Severance FH1

Hey everyone! Looking to buy a Danny S. FH1. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks.

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Idk why they would only make a small number…


They made 300 I guess they didn’t expect it to sell out so instantly, I did see something that they may do another run next year.


On their instagram post I think they said these will sell quick. So they knew they had a limited supply relative to demand.

Just a guess, but it most likely has to do with production. There is probably a minimum number they have to order, then the next number to order is much higher. Also, Duncan is owned by a larger company which more than likely puts limits on what they can/can’t do. I remember Bryan making a comment about them not wanting to do non-Duncan branding on the FH1’s when the Unknown edition was originally released.

Whatever it is, I’m sure Duncan/Flambeau have a reason.

To add to what the others said about being 300 units. A large portion of them went to Friends and Family of Danny not just to retailers for sale.