Lowered prices!!!!


i have a black mayham with extra stickers and has a few scuffs that do not effect the play $30
i have a red and white modfather fhz half recessed perfect condition$15
a purple del toro with case and one tiny pingprint awsome player one of my fav.$40
a grey modded fast 201 $8
dark magic 2 black one ding SOLD
a purple and black modded kickside good condition $10 SOLD

Nooooo trades just money!!!


Not to sound like a mod but you need pictures or your bst of your yoyos or your thread might be moved to archived trades.


pics coming soon


I think I commented on your last thread you started but I would be interested in that kickslide or dm2 possibly pm me!!


Pm ain’t working on my phone but I’m waiting on payday bud this week and ill be in contact!


bump prices up!!!


Ten bucks shipped right now for the kick


kickside sold


Hey man was there only one cap on the kick? It’s all good I usually don’t play with caps in anyway but just wanted to doublecheck with you

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