Lotus bloom 5A help


Hello everyone!
So I am very stuck… I have had a strange intro into yoyoing. From day one I have used a counter weight like in 5A play but do mostly normal 1A stuff. I am still a beginner but love being able to do some 5A and 1a tricks together!
I have just attempted doing the lotus blooms trick as seen on rethink yoyo and i am f!#$%# stuck!

This trick requires a switch of the string coming out of the top of your hand like normal 5a to the string coming out the bottem?

This is very hard to do with my current set up.

Is there any advice someone could give me to help with this trick?  I am very devoted to the way I throw and do not wish to change how I hold the yoyo. There must be a way!

Also will I run into this problem may times with more advanced tricks?