Lots of toys guys lookin for money and sum trades deppendin with pics

Don’t reall want to say all of them sso I just made a video go on YouTube and type in in the seArch karatehp94 and look for my yoyocollection or yoyocollecton it’s the same like anything then pm me kkk ;D

Sorry yoyos

Go to YouTube and type in karatehp94 and look for yoyocollection or my yoyocollection they are All the same t

please post a link to them. Also you need to list what they are and the prices.

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Dom found the link to his video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsA-8bSGB5o

seems like you’re just looking for more views…

How much for Noctu (blue one that you can’t think of the name) and Heavy Cream?

yo-dah here i think you know who i am listen you are going to leave right away go back to yoyonation dude! ! !