Lots of throws, Also Magic DVD's/Illusions and cards. (NOT THE GATHERING!)

I need cash, I’m getting married and moving, so if you can help me out, I’d appreciate it, and you can pick up some new throws in the process…I won’t turn down free money if you want to give me a wedding gift :smiley: hehe

1. Turning Point Leviathan II Mint Condition, half green and half purple. MINT!!! ($145 shipped) SOLD!
2. YYF 2010 Severe Breast Cancer Edition 1/1 signed by Tyler Severance, Pat Mitchell, Miguel Correa, and Anthony Rojas, and a few other pros that attended SoCal 2012.(make offer, this is super rare 1/1 yoyo, signed by Tyler Severance himself!) $130 shipped
3. I have 2, 2007 888’s, the stealth (black 888) is mint, and the blue one has no hubstacks, and has a couple pin marks on it, but nothing that affects play. Traded stealth to Frozen and the blue to AndreYo
4. Crucial Confection Rootbeer colorway, with one tiny rim markp
5. CLYW FG 28 stories Avalanche MINT!!! ($105 shipped FIRM)
6. CLYW Bassalope signed and owned by Sebastian Brock himself! MINT!!! ($135  shipped)
7. ILYY Sakura purple, with ILYY pouch. MINT!!! ($95 shipped)
8. General-Yo Torrent II B grade,(plays super smooth) Mint!!! (SOLD!)
9. CLYW BvM in green with a few rim marks ($75 shipped)
10. CLYW Campfire with marks, and polished rims ($63 shipped)

11. Ten YoYo Wet Whistle gold/blue MINT!!! ($97.50 shipped FIRM)
12. Nova blue with specks of gold MINT!!! ($43 shipped)
13. Anti-Yo Eetsit MINT!!! Offer Well!!!
14. Werrd Smurf Poo Mint!!! ($77 shipped)
15. Turning Point Positron Mint!!! ($180 shipped) (SOLD!)
16. One Drop Burnside Lake Eerie Mint in Box ($97 shipped)
17. YYF Rockstar 2012 (Sold!)

magic related stuff I have not including all of my decks of cards


New video of all of the throws I have left, and acquired recently will be updated as of late evening on 4/3, If curious, I’ve got a Winning Bird by C3YO, Mangaroo, Bomb Squad DNA, and forget what else being added in on the video


^^^^^^OLDER VIDEO!!!^^^^^

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Bump, and now willing to accept Comic Books towards yoyo’s. They have to be mint condition, 9.4 and above, and CGC’d is a huge plus! Also, no crappy 90’s/80’s books, unless art is done by Todd McFarlane, and is in good condition. Also, I’m looking for DC’s The New 52, No.1 first editions, and also variant covers, thanks.

I added a bunch of new throws to the list, and have to make it cash only since I am in need of cash more than throws at the moment. New updated pics will be up by 9pm MST tonight on my flickr account linked above.

Bump! Misplaced SD card on my phone, but I think I know where it is, so I’ll have more pics up tonight. I also added a ten yo Wet Whistle in mint condition, and also a Nova in mint condition.

I wish you added pictures. It makes it simpler for buyers. Now we have to wait through your video to see your information and it won’t look as good anyways.

And my ISP is taking a major dump today, so video is flat out impossible.



Added Anti-Yo Eetsit, Mint condition!!!  Japanese Edition Turning Point Positron, and Werrd Smurf Poo!!! Also, added One Drop Burnside mint in box Lake Eerie edition.

Remaking for sale/trade video

edit: video remade!!!


Buy my stuff please :smiley:

Leviathan 2, and Turning Point have both been sold!


Got any clyws still ?