Lost in the Flow, a 1a video

Shot a vid of a friend of mine in his childhood haunts.

Smooth 1a ensues…

Thanks to yoyonews for the feature and a bit of history!

Thanks to yoyoskills for the nice write up as well!

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Great video thanks!

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good stuff…

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Nice tricks and flow!!

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awesome vid concept

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thanks for the kind words guys!
My friend just wanted to share his formula for eternal youth, haha!
But seriously, thank you guys for taking the time to watch this vid.

it made it to yoyonews

Hot dang, it did!
I guess I’ll be sleeping with a smile then :3

and you deserve too

nice stuff there but wheres the music?

I can hear the music just fine, might be a copyright issue in your area? Though some friends of mine from the US can hear it fine too… :-\

Oh wait I fixes the problem! Turns out I had my volume off -.-

happens to the best of us :3

Fantastic video! Lo me encantaba mucho. :wink: As an “older” thrower, I have found the same formula to work pretty well over here, too. :slight_smile:

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Dude, that was a sliiiiiiiiiiiick video! I’m glad I’m not the only guy who kinda stands dancing when the flow takes over :smiley: But he is so infinitely better than I am right now, so it was a lot more fun to watch

Thank you guys, you are too kind. we promise to do some good video concept in the future.


you gotta listen to the flow, man, the flowwww~

apparently, yoyoskills thought this was spam XD
glad he chose to follow the link though

bumping :slight_smile: