LordCanti's WTB [I want a SY-001]

My Rules:


2.) I prefer items shipped to me to be in boxes, I’ll pay the extra shipping charge for a box. It brings joy to my heart seeing a rectangular prism.

3.) I’ll TRY to get back to you in 48 hours or less, if I don’t I’m really sorry. :-\

4.) I try to not be a jerk with prices. Please don’t highball/lowball and I won’t either.

And without further ado, My B/S/T… er… Want to buy list.

(I would prefer it to have boxes/the swag it came with. (Just because I’m difficult and like boxes.))

Sturm Panzer SY-001 (Stealth Ogre) (Preferably smooth) <----I REALLY want one of these.
Original OD Project
Original OD Project 2
OD Rally (Blue prototype)
YYJ Classic (Purple and black or worlds)
YYF OneStar (Worlds)
B!st Tondo(?)
YYF Shutter (Purple themed editions(like galaxy))

$$$CA$H MONEY$$$

So yeah, PM me if you have any of these things and what you want for them(especially a SY-001) or if you have any other obscure yoyos (or USA Hatricks you want to sell for $5.00 Shipping included ;)).

Still have dat cash money.

BST, What’s your favorite song?

BST: “BUMP by Van-Halen of course!”

Bumptastic! ;D

What does the Bump say?