Looking to trade to build my collection

Wants: Atlas, Edge, Ultra Horizon, MYo Katana, MYo Stealth, Anything high end, make offers

Limited edition black Gameboy w/case
Yellow Gameboy color
Link cable
JPN Pokémon Red/blue/yellow with green exclusive
JPN Pokémon gold/silver/crystal
ENG Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow and trading card game
Original mortal kombat
Pokémon sapphire
Pokémon platinum
Pokémon Y
Pokémon white
Animal crossing 3ds
Mario Tennis
Beat up DS w/charger and case

Samsung galaxy tablet w/charger

White Oakley scalpel sunglasses
Navy Oakley scalpel sunglasses

Not exactly sure because I haven’t thrown them enough to get a full feel. I’m interested in getting them because of good reviews and I have a case to fill

Hey guys! Looking for these two throws. Pm me pics and a brief description and how much you want for them