Looking to make some sales! Take all the Duncans for $85 shipped! Couple price drops!

WretchedRapture’s BST
Ships within the US only. Sorry, guys. Please message me with offers. All prices include shipping. If you want a better look, let me know! Will do bundle deals if you’re interested in multiples.

Also! Currently looking to trade a 2010 Black Noctu for a Blue OG Noctu. My Noctu has some dings, so I can add cash or extras to even the deal. PM me for pics.

Wants List:
Deadly Spins Wrath (Purple and Blue w/ Green Splash Colorway Only)
Sengoku Hattori
ILYY Noctu (Blue OG Candy Blast)
OD Cascade
FD Stale Bread
DocPop Weekender
CoreCo Alleycat 650B
A-RT Quail / 420 Lite

For Sale or Trade

ILYY Noctu A few dings/flat spots. Otherwise smooth. I’m only looking to trade this for an OG Noctu (blue candy blast). I love the color on this throw, but I’d prefer the smaller version. I can add in additional cash or trades if your Noctu is in better condition.

Duncan Counter Punch Mint. $30 Shipped. The name is perfect for this thing. Suprisingly powerful, but feels compact in the hand.

Duncan Windrunner 7068 $30 Shipped. Snagged this one as part of the National Yoyo Day sale. Really awesome throw, but I own an OG Windrunner, so I don’t feel a need to keep this around. If I’m being honest, it’s probably better than the OG - seems to play a bit lighter and quicker - but I don’t like red.

3YO3 AL5 $50 Shipped. I bet you haven’t heard that brand in a while! Aluminum version of Landon Balk’s Ti5 titanium. Light and fast. Super torn about letting this one go. It’s been in my collection for years, but I never throw it. I figure there’s a collector out there who will make good use of this one, but I’ll need a pretty penny or a solid trade. Light scratches on either rim (pictured, sorry for the focus). Scratches are not feelable, so they may come off with some effort.

Duncan Exit8 Mint $45 Shipped.

Rain City x OYY Sk8r SB Mint $35 Shipped

Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2016 Ed. $30 Shipped.

Used for about a year. Normal light wear, but completely functional. This is green led only, not fully RGB.



Your review of the Bowl is spot on. Silver is also a nice players color.


To da top neva stop

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Bump. Sparrow found! Price added to the Bowl.

I want in on this bumpin’ action.

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arrgh why didn’t I see this Bowl before I bought mine?


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Together, we can make me some money. :money_mouth_face:


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