Looking for Zelda A Link To The Past GBA game!


Title says it all. I’m looking for the GBA game “Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past/Four Swords”. I got one on ebay, but the saving didn’t work :((((. I’ve heard that it is amazing and want to play it so badly!!

Also, if you have a GBA SP charging chord I need one of those as well.

I do have some yoyos that I am willing to trade:
Near mint ILYY void
Slighly damaged (but smooth) YYJ Phenomizn
A few others…

I also have some cheaper ones I can add if necessary.

Thank you for looking!


I have a LeafGreen in perfect working conditions if you’re interested.
Btw, would me living in Canada be an issue? ;D


I have Pokemon emerald and firered id trade for a throw pm me later


Looking for any 3ds games now too!


what would you trade for Zelda: A link between worlds?


Bump! Looking for DS Zelda games!

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