Looking for: YWETs, Might flea, G2 Triton, Wrath, Sleipnir More: Also FHZ/Caps

I am not a collector so if your going to come offer me something as expect to get a collector’s price, don’t even humor me. I am a player and looking for better deals as I don’t mind damage and such.

I am looking to buy but I do have some yoyos to trade as well but mainly looking to buy for good prices. I have paypal and yoyos so if you have any hit me up!

Here are my wants:
Might flea
Wrath (Limited edition 1 of 5 speckle)
YYR Sleipner
square wheels REX

Also looking for specific FHZ’s and FHZ caps! I am willing to buy or trade for these. Also keep in mind that I am not a collector and intend to play these. Not really looking to spend too much on them because they are only plastics and not really willing to pay over $25 for one (and $25 is for a nice one). Same with goes with caps and not going to pay crazy money for simple caps.

YYN glow
Any other special caps

Paul escolar
Higby (Especially cloud FHZ)
YYN Orange/blue FHZ
Solid purple FHZ (like glasseye)

Flickr link where I have pictures of my yoyos: (just because the mods are annoying and even though I’m mainly offering to buy my wants they insist I put pictures up for no reason)