looking for yoyos.

I dont have any money on me now but i have some coming i am wondering what kinda deals i can get i am looking for mint or near mint,protostar and dv888. The protostar dosen’t have to be as mint can have some scuffs but want dv888 to be mint.

Excuse my lack of knowledge, but I did some quick price checking. The dv888 seems quite affordable here, or at least it does in my opinion, considering I am comparing it to the price I paid for the DM2, which I felt was a very reasonable price.

So, what I’m basically saying is if you want mint, just bite the bullet and go new. You’ll be pretty much guaranteed to get the results you’re after. It might be worth it to just avoid issues.

Me personally, I prefer new whenever possible, but then again in my line of work(that has nothing to do with yoyos unless you count high level managers), I gotta think business first!