Looking for Rec rev sharp^^ *white powder coat pref.


Looking for a Recreational Revolution Sharp *preferably white powder coat

trade- or trade + $20

i have:

Red Skyline rim satined polished . clear stacks *played condition. *also value this pretty high so the sharp and something else?

SFX - clear. no caps. * played

Jk- really played large scratch

2 bootleg phenomizims

a metal Zero with pencil marks? lol my little cousin drew on the inside

also have a few 15 dollar plastics.

yea… i know… i never post. but i am from the pen spinning, yugioh community. and i have traded before.

but… if you still dont believe me. i can send first. or we can send at same time. -ill send with track.
…still if’y on yoyoers… it seems… like you guys have alot of scammers… 0.o

-Really want a white sharp xD-


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need another one.

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