Looking for one drop project pink

Hey dudes, looking for a pink one drop project for sale Uk based but don’t hold that against me.



To clarify - pink as in a “Lilith” Project, or just a solid pink colour?

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Yeah solid pink


Lilith was purple. He wants manly pink. Ask @vegabomb.


The distinction between pink and purple is non-specific. From pictures of it, I’d’ve called the Lilith a “lilac” colour, but that doesn’t mean that someone else might not have thought of it as “pink”. I don’t know what all the original Project colourways were, and mention of a “pink” Project sooner brings to mind the blue-red hue of the Lilac Project than the apparently de-saturated red of the manly pink colourway, to me.
TL;DR There is no point trying to distinguish between “pink” and “purple.”

That said, I’ve never seen a manly pink Project on the B/S/T before, but good luck with getting one regardless. ^^

Lilith were engraved as such. There are pink projects on the flickr but both Lilith and pink hardly ever show up on BST.

Photo for reference…



Every Lilith:

Every manly pink:

Musta missed the latter 'cause I wasn’t browsing at the time.

There is a difference I would know. Plus I traded a Manly pink project to VegaBomb so he should/might still have one.


I’ve got a pink project!!! I am happy to trade it, there is just one catch! I’m trying to collect all the One Drops (currently at 47), so simply selling it isn’t an option for me. If however you can acquire another project in similar condition in pretty much any other color I’d prolly trade. Bonus points for a sunrise fade! Hit me up if you want some pics.


Well shee man, I just traded LEDGER for his sunrise fade Project. Never gonna give that one up. :heart: But, I do now have a spare blue Project if the OP is interested in getting it off me for the sake of such a trade? It’s got a bit of rim damage. Pretty weird proposal, I know, but let me know if that’s interesting to you… a 3 way yoyo trade.

Also what OneDrops you got - anything special? Do you manage to have a favourite out of 47 surely fantastic yoyos? Heh-heh.


Yup definitely interested in that blue project


I had one back then when it was released I got an offer of a 1/1 Mint Hardcoat Large Bearing 08 888, Grey w Gold Sparkles, and also a Mint Pink All Yo Highwall 07 888.

I wish I could have gotten that guys Jason Lee 07 888 but he said only for a straight trade, not 2 888s.

Anyways back then it was worth $200+, now if it’s mint I can’t see $500 being unreasonable idk how many were made but maybe 10-25? They were VERY limited. Sold at PNWR I think?

Even one with damage could ask for $400 and I’m sure there is someone willing to work w you.

Hope you got that cash or trades

Why not make it an even million? Lol


Close thread

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