$300 Game - YYF, One Drop, CLYW, Rare FHZ, and more for sale


So here’s how this game works. I want (at least) $300 and the following is what I have for sale. I’m leaving it up to you as to what combination of stuff you will buy for $300 (or more). If I think it’s a reasonable offer, I will accept it. For right now, all offers of less than $300 will be ignored. I’m willing to be pretty generous on this but I am obviously not going to sell the whole package for $300 so don’t waste your time.

The list:
Alchemy CU Later
YYF Team Edition 401k
YYF White Espionage 401k (II version)
YYF Yuuki 401k (one spot of missing teflon)
YYF 09 888 (Silver)
YYF B Grade 07 888 (launch version)
YYF G5 (original run)
YYF Skyline (red)
YYF Skyline (purple)
Anti-Yo BSP (all silver)
BIO Ego (green/pink argyle)
One Drop Lilith Project (purple obviously)
Born Crucial Milk (original white)
SPYY Trainwreck (green/purple)
YYJ X-Convict (purple/red annodized rims)
Kyo Senza Nome
CLYW Peak (half Chesterman Beach/half 28 Stories)
Duncan FH0 (MIP Extreme Spin bionic)
Duncan FH0 (75 Anniversary glow)

(Shisaki) #2

Drools over peak


I want that silver 888 so bad…
I know you said $300+ but how about 80? PLEASE!!!



Alchemy CUlater… :o


As of now I’m still looking for a package deal. If I start selling stuff individually I’ll update the post.


Each yoyos you bought are less than $300. If you selling it for sale, it should be 30% or 40% off for each yoyo. That’s how it works for selling the yoyos. People can’t buy your yoyos if you charge them $300.

Happy Throwing! =]



I’m not selling a SINGLE yo-yo for $300. I’m selling a PACKAGE of yo-yos for $300.

Happy reading! =]


Seems like a good idea as I’m guessing he’d be pretty generous under the conditions. Sadly I don’t have $300 to use for this.


Yes, I’m willing to give a pretty good deal just to get it all done in one shot. This offer will expire in the next few days though.


What do you mean “package yoyo”?

Happy Throwing! =]


He means all the ones listed I think.


WhAAA!!! I gotta paint some more art work and sell and earn and BUY!!! You’re right Nathan, its a race to buy.

Happy Throwing! =]


Not all of them for $300 but a grouping of those yo-yos that we both think is fair.

You know how people will list something for sale and ask for an offer on the price? I’m listing a price and asking for an offer on what is being sold.


thats an awsome idea


do u still have the purple 888 for 100 bucks?


But what if somebody like me just wants to buy one yoyo not a package of yoyos for 300 dollars. I don`t have 300 dollars! :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley: ;D :o :stuck_out_tongue: :-[ :-X :-\ :’(


Do you mean the purple Skyline? If so, yes.


the g5 for 40$and a dmz

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dude stop with the necro


i like games ;D